Theme of Workshop:
Your Home Is A Learning Center
And You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Presenting at workshop are, A Librarian, A Kindergarten Teacher, A Social Worker, A Parent of A Pre-schooler

The 5 Musts For Pre School Parent

At workshop parents are taught to do five things With their pre-schoolers, to prepare them for Kindergarten Read, Talk, Play, Play, Sing, And Write

The Home Learning Center

Following the workshop, PCLP helps parents who attend to set up their homes as Learning Centers.

Learning Basket

Each Home is given a Learning Basket with pre-school books and other educational materials, including refrigerator alphabets, ABC blocks,and placemats, etc.

Follow Up

A PCE (Parent Child Encourager) follows up each family, to ensure parents are using the resources provided, as they prepare their child for kindergarten, and to offer support, assistance,and encouragement.