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So I had to kill whole Mordino familes. Mordino wants to control it all. More images View more from uploader. {581}{}{I'm sorry I was being such a jerk. {1380}{}{I'm just a traveler passing through.} ". {1309}{}{Fren giv ull. {454}{}{Why the hell are we here?} 1 Background 2 Interactions with the player character 2.1 Interactions overview 2.2 Quests 2.3 Other interactions 3 Inventory 4 Appearances 5 References He is described as a tan man, with a pock-marked face,1 leather jacket and a wicked-looking knife, also named "Little Jesus." {1275}{myn211}{Now, you just relax, sweetmeat…} {1497}{}{You're too valuable to be here, Myron. {1407}{myn220c}{You ever heard of Jet, beautiful? He smells pretty ripe.} Fallout 2 Myron meets Piper; Fallout 2 Myron meets Piper. {960}{myn135}{Ha! Fallout 2 Crime lords. I had some questions...} {1958}{}{Hey, give me a break. {1624}{}{Forget this. {1841}{}{Come a little closer, Myron.} {655}{myn107a}{Ah, my finest little addiction. What would it take to make a cure for Jet?} Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You ain't hitting on me, are you?} TELL ME ABOUT THIS PLACE (244) {1507}{}{You're definitely too valuable to be here, Myron...you should leave, like I was saying.} I'm out of here.} {683}{}{I can see where this is going. Bury that shit somewhere.} {1255}{myn209}{Uh, hey, hey, hey! :0%/0 (20%/0)Plasma Resist. {517}{}{Fuckin' Ay!} :) There is at least one quest available only for stupid characters - killing officer Jack for Mira in NCR. In an early part of the game is a man named Torr whom the player can have low intelligence conversations with (Complete with subtitles!). I had some other questions...} The Mordinos were enough. How many packs you want?} NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!} {1445}{myn222}{Damn right I did! (107, 129, 137, 236) It's best for both of us.} Mentats.} {779}{}{Yeah, no prob.} ". They give me whores, cash, drugs. {820}{myn121}{Before the Big One some meat companies were experimenting with a cheap protein extract for growing food, but they had to ditch it. {1496}{}{Maybe I could help you. . Good thing stimpacks aren't too addictive.} {1182}{}{Easy there, tiger. I was intending to use it to remove Myron's brain and stick it in skynet's robobrain, but looking it up to see if that would gimp me (in the same way gunning down the guys who stole my car gimped me) it seems like you get the brains you need for the robobrain just in the base. {1619}{}{Is there any cure for Jet?} Fuck! What about it?} If humans only bred faster. . {1149}{}{Give me two.} Nice meeting you.} Chosen One: You just like hearing yourself talk, right? Death Myron can be killed by the player like any other NPC in Fallout 2, however Myron is technically still a child because he is under 18. {1399}{}{I'm definitely in the wrong room. Vic, for as fat and slow as he is, is a fantastic mechanic. {1588}{}{Well, I'll think about it...it's just that, well, no offense, but science guys have a notorious reputation for being near worthless in combat.} TAKE DRINK (208, 209) Uh, here you go. Ded.} {1528}{myn229c}{So where we headed?} Whaddya need?} So uh, you iced them, huh? I absolutely LOVE the gameplay, dialogue and esthetic of the classic games, but I'm absolutely TERRIBLE at the combat. I can see where this is going. {1767}{}{I'll be back. It's pretty easy, really.} {1036}{myn143b}{Hey, can't get enough, huh? . Macintosh. {659}{}{Is there any cure for it?} {426}{}{Good thing playing D&D all those years taught me a few things about courage.} In an early part of the game is a man named Torr whom the player can have low intelligence conversations with (Complete with subtitles!). I could use a little pick me up.} {1816}{myn1005b}{All right, I'll just watch your ass...er...uh, back carefully.} # 246. Hit Points:110Critical Chance:6%Melee Dam. {1196}{}{Your guards are too dead to do much of anything. {453}{}{How about we visit this place later?} I make the shit everybody wants and can't get enough of.} {1530}{}{Just follow me.} • Fallout 2 hintbook now correctly updates all your stats to 10s, your skills to 300, and your hit points to 999. {1308}{}{NUH FREN. Yer talkin' to its maker. The profit's in fast turn around and high addiction. {1716}{}{Well what? # 234. Did you get your conscience lobotomized when you were a kid?} This came in especially useful when I chose to ignore Vault City's advice (re: Sabotage the power plant and massacre the locals) and repair the power plant. {658}{}{How did you create it?} I had some questions...} {1235}{myn207}{Of course you are. {664}{}{I'd sooner lance a boil with my tongue than let you be my sex slave, Myron.} All the companions in Fallout 2 has their own unique dialouge when they're in combat. I'm on it.} base SPECIAL {1753}{}{Give me a little distance, Myron.} {1053}{}{Forget it then. For Fallout 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What are the differences in dialog with high vs low Charisma? C'mon. {265}{}{Are we going to do something sometime soon?} How many you want this time?!} {595}{}{You wanna swap wives? I have to be going now.} {3000}{}{Myron, I think we need to discuss...distance.} {239}{}{How the hell did that thing get in here?} # 216. {1469}{}{Yeah, I guess a bimbo like me couldn't be expected to understand the process of manufacturing a hallucinogenic-amphetamine hybrid like Jet, huh?} {886}{}{I think I've heard enough.} MAYBE I CAN HELP YOU . Saved games, modified files and music are in the directory \\FALLOUT2\\DATA\\. {1227}{}{Fren give ull } Sergeant Dornan. Now let's go.} Congratulations, Myron. {1171}{myn201b}{Why, helll-ooooo there, beautiful. Later, kid.} {1776}{myn1003b}{Uh, this weapon? Fallout 2 Myron is a pervert. {2688}{}{What a wonderful command of the language you have. # 0. Nuh-uh.} No oww.} C'mon, let me hang out with you.} {520}{}{All done. Later.} # 242. # 130. {1775}{myn1003a}{Aw, c'mon...fine, whatever. He wears a white shirt, dark grey pants, and red sneakers. USE HEALING (WOUNDED) (WTG) {1050}{myn145a}{Uhm, I'm gonna need some radscorpion venom sacs first. {1546}{myn230b}{Naw, you look full up. You're too valuable to be here, Myron! . Insecurity. So you iced them, huh? Nach fast mehr als zwei Jahren Arbeit steht heute endlich das lang erwartete "Fallout 2 Restoration Project" (ehemals bekannt unter dem Namen "Fallout 2 Expansion Project") von Killap in den Download-Startlöchern. OVERHEAD COMMENTS, PC = ARMED, SNEAK INTO MYRON'S (WTG) {1325}{myn215a}{God-DAMN it! Aaaaaaaah. Oh...sorry about that, beautiful. Cheats. I had some questions…} Now they're letting ghouls in here.} # 113a. {626}{}{Not now, Myron. ? {1555}{}{Your loss, Myron. Myron has used the SCIENCE skill unsuccessfully.} # 26. You got something to convince me otherwise…kid?} {1226}{}{Lie? } (203, 204) {1465}{myn224a}{Ha, you wouldn't understand. {583}{}{I'm so bored. {530}{}{Nothing.} Can I get you a drink, maybe a little...Jet?} Like what?} I had some other questions…} I'm Myron. (219) HELL-OOOOO MORON, ME [x] (201) {416}{}{Somebody let me hold the Rad-Away. When Slavery Perk works then it works all the time, if it does not work - then it never works and you just wasted a perk - and you can't even use F12SE to reset/regain perk cause SlaverPerk is not listed there in Skills/Perk tab. ↑ 1.0 1.1 Fallout 2 endings: "Myron died less than a year after the defeat of the Enclave, stabbed by a jet addict while drinking in the Den. Are there any cheat codes to … Whydoncha ditch the tribal. Where?} LOOK, NORMAL (WTG) An example of dumb mode in Fallout 2 Image: Black Isle Studios/Interplay Productions. {656}{myn107b}{We've been over this. You want to ditch this town? {2678}{}{Let it go, Mr. {1307}{myn214c}{You and me - friends for ever n' ever. {930}{myn132}{Kee-rist. Understand?} Tori Mikal. Somehow managing to play Fallout 2 for so long that you reach the game's built-in 13-year time limit. fallout 2 restoration project dialogue; fallout 2 restoration project dialogue. {1147}{myn153c}{Myron's your man, beautiful. {2676}{myn242b}{Oh yeah, you're right about that. # 243. {630}{}{Myron, your hand is the only "one" for you.} Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright's overdoseSuspect: Lil' Jesus Mordino {605}{}{Why the hell are we HERE?} {3001}{}{Let's talk about your gear for a second.} Couldn't you use a nervous system suppressant to break the addiction?} {1199}{}{I think I'll just go take a walk out of here. The dialogue in the RP often left much to be desired and it never quite fit with the rest of the vanilla dialogue. C'mon!} {1021}{myn142b}{Could be I know one of Mordino's little stashes in Golgotha outside of Reno. You're a sharp one, beautiful...raven hair, teeth, claws…mmm-mmm. {1345}{myn216a}{Sure, pal. } About this image. {200}{}{You see a pasty-faced teenager. {1749}{}{Hmmmm. {6218}{}{ go} # 23. VAULT CITY? He sniffs occasionally, as if he has a cold.} (210, 212, 213) I'd make them see what they'd really lost.} {1645}{myn238}{Two words: brahmin shit.} Yoo FRIEND of } {1411}{}{Big deal. Why don't you ditch this town, travel with me, and then the Mordinos will wake up to how valuable you are.} {1578}{}{We're outta here.} (215) {432}{}{Why the hell are we here?} {486}{}{Look, I don't want to fly, and you don't either. REJOIN (101, 1001) {609}{}{When are we going back to Reno?} And that's all yer ever gonna learn, pal. {668}{}{I'd sooner kiss Marcus than let you be my love slave. Can I...well, you know…how about it?} THAT WHAT YOU USE TO GROW THE SHIT IN . Myron: Couldn't grow coca plants, opium poppies -- and man did we try -- so we figured our best bet was shrooms. Are you kidding? {451}{}{Oh, this is MUCH better than being in some cozy whorehouse.} {268}{}{You should be glad I'm with you to point out all your stupid mistakes.} I know he's at the place called 'Stables' And I also know Big Jesus Mordino will show the directions. Let's hit it.} {203}{}{You see Myron. {1510}{}{You bet, Myron. I'M POISONED (WTG) Trouble? Self-taught. . {1173}{}{Hell-oooooo Moron. Where did YOU learn all this stuff?} He goes - of course - 'yesterday.' # 247. {728}{}{I'm with you.} {1495}{myn226}{Well, see, the Mordinos don't show Myron the R-E-S-P-E-C-T, right? What about it, beautiful?} FIRST OFF, ANSWER ME THIS ABOUT THE HYBRID . Maybe later.} {532}{}{No luck.} (108) Not to mention I can make whatever drugs you need. Big Jesus Mordino - father {508}{}{No problem.} It's WAY above you.} {1487}{}{Good to hear it, Myron. {1430}{}{Your mother must be proud. I'M [x]/I'M JUST A TRAVELER PASSING THROUGH (218) . {691}{}{Go on.} PROTEIN? [29] Marcus is one of three non-Legion characters (the two others are Easy Pete and Follows-Chalk ), to pronounce Caesar /ˈkaisar/ - in the classical Latin pronunciation - rather than … {1349}{}{Actually, I want everything you have. # 8. The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts more than a few minutes,but the altered state of consciousness makes it subjectively longer for any Jet user. Can't...see...losing...consciousness. I'm not here to be your memory.} {661}{}{You'll be a corpse if you don't answer my questions. {692}{}{Forget this. {1306}{myn214b}{Yeah, you bet, honey. } (126) That turned out to be quite an undertaking, but on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned Fallout 2 is the best computer game ever made.. I had some other questions…} {447}{}{Pass the Buffout. Good thing stimpacks aren't too addictive.} Stings a little.} {412}{}{Why don't we just drink the radioactive goo next time? tag skills Myron is -- the Science God.} It's pretty easy, really.} IT'S BASICALLY A HIGHLY ADDICTIVE . {5617}{}{I think I could show you a thing or two.} {729}{}{You mean 'veggies' as in coca plants, opium poppies, that sort of thing.} That'd wake 'em up. I want to make NEW drugs, not re-tool old ones, y'know?} Still…} Know all, see all. YOU'RE PRETTY SMART . . {843}{}{So you used brahmin shit as fertilizer for the shrooms, except the pre-war protein contamination gives whatever shrooms grown in brahmin shit…certain extra ingredients?} {1396}{myn219b}{Whatever, beautiful. # 10. PRE-HOLOCAUST BASES? {1586}{}{All right then, you've passed the interview. . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT REDDING 2. . Sheesh.} Dave (the unlucky guy) in Vault 13. It's best for both of us.} {535}{}{I didn't find out anything. Myron appears as an older adolescent or young adult aged between 16 and 20. That smarts!} {1406}{myn220b}{Are you stupid? 32px 48px; To do: Maps for locations, dialog files for characters: Revisional Differences. . {227}{}{Don't tease. There are just your 2 usual dialogue options of freeing a slave. USE SCIENCE SKILL (WTG) The Horrifying Truth About Iguana Bits - The Full Story of Doc Morbid - Fallout 1 Lore - Duration: 26:28. Myron has used the SCIENCE skill successfully.} In a post-nuclear future, the descendant of an ancient exiled hero must leave his tribe in search of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, the last chance of survival for his people. I haven't said yes yet. {456}{}{Let's send ol' Lenny to check out this area. I think I'm going to need it soon.} WHAT ABOUT AN ENDORPHINE BLOCKER 2 . 'Cause I could. Whaddya need?} [Forum Thread] ... Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA. How about we keep our stay short?} (236, 237) {1245}{myn208}{Excellent...here you go. {883}{}{Myron, you killed over a hundred humans beings for the sake of drug testing? The first samples arrived in Redding in January 2241 and began addicting miners e… But Big Jesus' word is their order.. Interactions with the … {861}{myn125b}{By putting tons of brahmin shit in the vats, we found out that the fumes give more than enough of a kick. {990}{myn139}{Wha-a-a-are you fucking serious? {538}{}{I didn't learn anything.} :0%/0 (30%/0)Dam. Report. {1329}{}{Not unless you do something stupid. # 230. {240}{}{Great. . CONTINUE 4 . However, if you’re an idiot, approaching the Master yields only one dialogue option: to … Mordino wants to control it all. Developer Icon. His hair is greasy, and he smells faintly of formaldehyde.} {902}{}{How did you create Jet?} (220, 221) It wouldn't work anyway.} Dialogue for Myron , the Mordino Family's drug wizard in the Stables . *Cough* *Cough* Help...me...} {560}{}{Don't need to tell me twice.} Myron: Problem is, in the new climate, we can't grow most of the veggies needed for the best drugs. Enough talk: why don't you and me, uh, hehh...} . This installment improves much upon its predecessor, being a game where you can do just about anything, within reason.Depending on your actions, intelligence, charisma, gender and patience, each playthrough is a wildly different experience. But hey, don't get all defensive on me, beautiful. months. His hair is greasy, and he smells faintly of formaldehyde.} {1553}{}{Kid, your ego just wrote a check your body can't cash. {470}{}{Ahhhhhhhhh.} I have to go now.} # 137. {377}{}{Medic!} Give me some RadX next time we dick around in radiation zones, okay?} This installment improves much upon its predecessor, being a game where you can do just about anything, within reason.Depending on your actions, intelligence, charisma, gender and patience, each playthrough is a wildly different experience. This is an unofficial patch for Fallout 2 that fixes over 800 items that were not fixed in the latest Fallout Patch v1.02. {971}{}{What about Vault City?} Also, the low intelligence dialogue with Myron. 90% of quests are fetch/fedex and offer ZERO moral ambiguity (check the wikis if you dont believe me). I DON'T LIKE THIS PLACE (WTG) Stand back, all right?} {885}{}{I…see. I NEED SOME DRUGS (106, 145-149, 151-154) {1765}{myn138}{Eh, excuse me. They got their noses so high in the air they'll drown when it rains.} I can and I did reconnet him with brother Samuel, but that's about it. {800}{myn119}{Redding? (239) # 205. {6226}{}{ KILL} KILL.} {259}{}{Rub a skunk on your ghoul so it smells better, OK?} {467}{}{This doesn't mean we're married, does it?} I GUESS AN IDIOT . QUESTION NODE (108-110, 112-131, 133-137, 143, 145-149, 151-154, 229-231, 233-243, 245-247) {1146}{myn153b}{How about. {1082}{myn147b}{There. Consider it a challenge. Twice as good as any of those Vault City pecker checkers.} I promise.} {469}{}{Let me hold the stimpacks, okay?} Gameplay {6247}{}{'s fren?} {1062}{myn146c}{Anything for you, beautiful. # 136. :0%/0 (25%/2)Laser Resist. {1114}{}{Forget it. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!} They're all mines! {600}{}{Ready to go?} # 7. {1527}{myn229d}{I like the way you think, beautiful.} {615}{myn102b}{So you finally came around, huh? 1 General information 2 List of perks 2.1 Abilities 2.2 Combat 2.3 Dialogue 2.4 Survivability 2.5 Worldmap 2.6 Skills 2.7 Criticals 2.8 Weapon perks 2.9 Armor perks 3 Special perks 4 See also In Fallout 2, perks are selected every 3rd level (or every 4th level if you have the Skilled trait). I had some other questions…} You need me.} {1844}{}{Whatever. # 21. {1305}{myn214a}{Yeah, you bet, pal. } {1285}{myn212}{Hmmmm. {811}{}{I see. You're a real sport.} {931}{}{Well?} # 233. You wanna know, you figure it out.} That has got to be the dumbest...hmmmm...} His discovery of jet was quickly forgotten, and now there is no one who remembers his name." {910}{myn130}{Ah for fuck's sake, it can't be done, all right? {1486}{}{Well what? {1379}{}{.} {215}{}{What the hell do you want?} Easier to learn than that stuff those Vault City pecker checkers would lead you to believe.} You from Vault City or something?} Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA. # misc messages A pasty-faced teenager with greasy hair and the faint smell of laboratory formaldehyde hanging seemingly permanently about him, Myron is a scientific prodigy, the self-taught genius responsible for the (alleged) invention of Jet for the Mordino crime family of New Reno. {414}{}{I'm glowing brighter than New Reno at midnight. {509}{}{Time for the ol' 'magic fingers' routine…} Requires female character with at least 6 Charisma or Porn Star title. I need to save some women from their virginity.} There are 70 regular perks and 12 special perks. {1804}{}{When I hit you, you'll know. I'm out of here.} # 127. He is a rather aggressive and simple fellow, with something of a tendency to exaggerate his sexual prowess. Owwwww, that hurts!} Once it's in your system, it ain't coming out.} {1728}{}{First off, what skills do you have Myron?} {727}{}{You just like hearing yourself talk, right?} I immediately thought of Myron, the creator of Jet.---oo000oo---A few of my Favorite … {963}{}{No harm in trying.} {1183}{}{Sorry. New videos released, some links below! {225}{}{Hell-oooo, beautiful.} {863}{}{How much testing exactly?} {1568}{}{Forget it. # 1003. What's on your mind?} I'll figure it out.} Chosen One: Why? Least they don't have a marketing department.} {650}{}{Where was that Mordino stash you were talking about?} {617}{myn103a}{Yeah, what? {242}{}{That mutant your slave?} Just keep me around, okay?} {657}{myn107c}{We've been over this. {714}{}{You mean barbiturates…like old school cocaine, crank, all that?} {974}{}{I just might do that.} {1635}{myn237}{Amateurish? {924}{}{Nevermind then.} {1266}{}{Wan fren.} {890}{myn128}{You getting bent at me over a bunch of slaves? Skill check system is broken. Its creator. Jet ain't blocked that easy. (101, 108, 109, 112-131, 133-137, 143, 145-149, 151-154, 1001, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006) (115) {1863}{}{Kid, your ego just wrote a check your body can't cash. Talking with Myron about Jet with a high Science skill, pissing him off by showing you too know a lot about science. {2001}{myn321}{This sucks.} WHAT ABOUT AN ENDORPHINE BLOCKER 1 . {1408}{}{Bullshit. Fineto.} {1466}{myn224b}{Don't you worry your pretty little head about it, beautiful. {1197}{}{Who are you?} USE HEALING (NOT WOUNDED) (WTG) Look, I had some other questions...} Dave (the unlucky guy) in Vault 13. {1458}{}{How about I suggest a new circle to you? Save it for addicts!} {380}{}{Owwwwwwww Owwwww Ow. {403}{}{Could someone please suck this poison out?} {1428}{}{Why did you make Jet?} {487}{}{Why don't you give that shit to ol' Bone-nose?} EXPLAIN TO ME ABOUT REDDING AGAIN (119) {593}{}{So...you and Miria. {1648}{}{Don't want to tell me? {1042}{}{Nevermind.} Unlike Fallout 3 and New Vegas, your party members in Fallout 1 and 2 can supplement skills you're lacking in, like medicine or repair. Also, the low intelligence dialogue with Myron. Let's go.} {400}{}{Whoa…I'm feeling a little weak…} (134, 136) If the female character has low Intelligence and Endurance but still has high Charisma then Myron will offer you a spiked drink. In the Drug Den, Piper decided she needed a fix and another and another...I immediately thought of Myron, the creator of Jet.---oo000oo---A few of my Favorite Storytellers, Cartoonists, Modders, and Screen Shooters. USE DRUGS ON MYRON (WTG) {778}{}{Right. {726}{myn113b}{Problem is, in the new climate, we can't grow most of the veggies needed for the best drugs.} No hassles when you ask me to make drugs! # 1001. COMPANIONS (LENNY) (WTG) Jonathan King - Vile Pervert [From The Musical - … Statistics Nevermind, Myron.} . {1405}{myn220a}{Hey stupid! {235}{}{What is that smell? # 207. {841}{}{Uh, okay...} A sample of that pre-war protein extract, corrupt it and bam -- decent amphetamine.} ↑ Fallout Bible 5: "9b. (FULL UP) (229, 247) {515}{}{Bingo!} {428}{}{Great place. {1647}{}{You use brahmin shit as fertilizer to grow the Jet crop, right? # 3. or something?! # 245. {1347}{myn216c}{You bet, beautiful. } They aren't good for much else.} RETARD THREATENS (201) YOU TELL ME . {1550}{}{All right then. {2679}{}{What a wonderful command of the language you have. {378}{}{Owwwww. {435}{}{Why don't we send ol' Bone-nose out to scout the area?} {1198}{}{You Myron?} (130) role VAULT CITY (240, 241, 242) # 120. {851}{myn124b}{See, we start experimenting with the brahmin shit as fertilizer for the shrooms, except get this; then, we noticed the slaves working fertilizer vats were getting high from the fumes…}

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